Hans Gugelot
Hans Gugelot
1920 - 1965
Work 1949 – 1965
Fauteuil 1363 (1948-49)
Chair (1949), horgenglarus
Furniture system M 125 (1950-53 a. 1956)
HfG-stool (1954)
Children’s play furniture system (1954)
Bed GB 1085 (1954)
Double-bed (1954)
Radiogramophone PK-G (1955)
Arrangement of Components (1955)
TV FS-G (1955)
Rollable TV set (1956)
Standardized spectacle frame (1956)
Braun SK 4, Radio-Phono combination (1956)
Tuner Studio 1 (1956)
Radio phono audiotape modular system
Armchair gs1076 (1959)
Sewing machine Pfaff 80 (1959)
Sewing machine Gritzner-Kayser (1959)
Idiophon-System (1959)
Underground, Hamburg (1959-62)
Braun Sixtant 1 (1961)
Photocopier l 250 (1962)
Film camera Movex auto-8 (1962)
Dynamo trouble lamp DT 1 (1963)
Kodak slide projector carousel (1963)
Electrical beater (1963-64)
Flat iron be 10 (1963-64)
Fair stand Weisshaupt GmbH (1963)
Switchboard ws 1 (1963-64)
Oil burner wl 1 (1963-64)
Radial drill (1963-64)
Leather armchair 4065 (1964)
Folding wall unit m125 (1964)
Bottle crate (1965)
Sitting room suite (1965)
Sandwich bottom unit (1963-67)
Sessel 1363 M 125 HFG-Hocker_Spielmöbel Bett 1085_Doppelliege Braun PK-G_G11 Braun SK 4 Braun Studio 1_Baukastensystem Zerlegbarer Sessel gs1076 Pfaff_Gritzner-Kayser Hamburger U-Bahn Braun Sixtant Lumoprint_Agfa_Braun Kodak Carousel Braun Haushaltsgeräte Weishaupt-girard Sessel 4065_GS1076 Bofinger Faltschrankwand Flaschenkiste_Sitzgarnitur Bayer-BMW

Sewing machine Pfaff 80

Hans Gugelot, Herbert Lindinger, Helmut Müller-Kühn
Contractee and manufacturer: Pfaff AG, Kaiserslautern

Housing made of grey cast iron, control devises of plastics. Plastic case made by inject moulding, containing sewing accessories easily accessible.
Based on the Pfaff 80, the Pfaff 92 came up as further development four years later.

Sewing machine Gritzner-Kayser

Hans Gugelot, Herbert Lindinger, Helmut Müller-Kühn
Contractee: Gritzner-Kayser, Karlsruhe

In 1959, Gritzner-Kayser belonged to Pfaff AG. Equivalent to Pfaff 80, Housing made of grey cast iron, control devises of plastics. Designed parallel as a sewing machine for the subsidiary company.


1959 (Element music system)
Hans Gugelot, Helmut Müller Kühn
Contractee and manufacturer: Johannes Link KG, Aue/Westpfalen

By composition of different parts this element music system allows creation of multiple music instruments (Vibraphone, Metallophone, Xylophone) from children's up to concert purposes. Interchangeable, overtone tuned chime bars of aluminium alloy (Metallophone) or rosewood (Xylophone) are located above coordinated tubular single resonators made of impact-proof plastics. This causes a homogenous quality of sound all over the spectrum of tones.

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